My passion is understanding the intersection of brands, audience and media.

The evolution of the media landscape led by social and streaming has created a scarcity of audience attention for paid ad units. Brands that traditionally spent money on disruptive advertising are finding this shift difficult to navigate but the opportunity to connect with new audiences authentically for a long term relationship has never been bigger.

I come to new projects with a unique perspective that can only be honed from sitting on both the brand and creative sides of the table.

At Zero Point Zero, as the SVP of Development and Marketing, I oversaw award winning campaigns, films, television, podcasts, and digital publishing. I worked with great brands and foundations including Sonos, Unilever Entertainment, Sir Kensington’s, YETI, Volpi Foods, Spotify, The Rockefeller Foundation, Mastercard, Hennessy, among others on strategy and creative to build long term equity with audiences.

Prior to Zero Point Zero, I spent a decade launching Breville into the North American market as the Brand Marketing Director. During this period sales grew to $250M with EBITDA of $44M. The brand is currently valued at $3B on the ASX.

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