My passion is understanding the intersection of brands, audience and media.

How do brands connect with people? It is imperative that they have a point of view beyond product features to create media and experiences that connect with the audience on their terms. People are more than “target” and “acquisition” data points. Every brand needs a unique narrative and bespoke plan to share their story.

As audience attention rapidly shifts to audio and video streaming platforms where traditional advertising isn’t available or doesn’t work, brands need a plan. Playing the long game is the only way to grow equity with advocates.

At Zero Point Zero, as the SVP of Development and Marketing, I oversaw development, distribution and monetization of films, television, podcasts, brand campaigns and digital publishing. I worked with great brands and foundations including Sonos, Unilever Entertainment, Sir Kensington’s, YETI, Volpi Foods, Spotify, The Rockefeller Foundation, Mastercard, Hennessy, among others on strategy and creative to break through via series and films on Netflix, festival worthy feature documentaries, podcasts, partnerships with global sports federations, social campaigns, thought leadership events, integration deals and other unorthodox but high return tactics to connect and build long term equity with audiences.

Prior to Zero Point Zero, I spent a decade launching Breville into the North American market as the Brand Marketing Director. During this period sales grew to $250M with EBITDA of $44M. The brand is currently valued at $3B on the ASX.

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