Top 5 Sports Logos

Businesses are always changing logos, so are sports teams.  It is an integral part of identifying with a community whether it be a team or a brand.  So here are my top five sports logos of all time:

The Milwaukee Brewers recently resurrected the  best logo of all time for Throwback Sunday games.  The awesomeness if this comes from the M and B perfectly intertwining to form a baseball mitt.

The iconic image of Red Wings hockey perfectly visualizes what made Detroit the motor city.  When you see this logo you think hard working and no nonsense.

The Boston Bruins logo brought back for the 2010 Winter Classic shows that the classic “hub” design has evolved over the years but stayed very true to the original design.

Don’t ask me what the Cavs are trying to pull off with their current logo, but whatever it is go back to this classic ASAP.  The interlocking letters and net “V” are bold and iconic.

The NHL should do themselves a favor take the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes and move them back to Hartford, rename them the Whalers and use this awesome logo.

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