Favorite TV ad from the Super Bowl

I didn’t pay that much attention to the commercials during the Super Bowl because I was preparing food and stuff during the breaks, the commercials seemed extra stupid this year and the game was really good.  The one commercial that really caught my eye was for Google.  It was memorable because it was so simple, spot on with the core of the brand and made an emotional connection.  You have to pay attention to it, it is not for people who laugh at men in their underwear who are in them for no apparent reason.  Was it worth for Google to spend this much money on an ad?  I don’t know.  The game was great so all 100 million + viewers were still watching in the third quarter when it aired.  I guess when Eric Schmidt said brand advertising was “the last bastion of unaccountable spending in corporate America,” in 2006 he didn’t mean $5M+, one minute Super Bowl TV ads.  Maybe he just wanted Microsoft not to feel bad about all of the money that they wasted on Bing.  I don’t know who created this ad, I guess it was Google or one of their users.  Whatever the return on investment, the ad was cool.

1 thought on “Favorite TV ad from the Super Bowl

  1. I loved this ad. Definitely my favorite as well.

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