Conan on Twitter

Conan O’Brien getting fired from the Tonight Show will be the best thing to happen to his career.  Simply because he can be creative and funny again.  He can do whatever he wants on the web.  Look at how quickly he gained a big following on twitter.  According to the NY Times In a little over three hours, Mr. O’Brien had amassed almost 100,000 followers. Around 8 p.m. Eastern, he appeared to be adding nearly 1,000 followers every minute, making him the envy of, well, every other user of Twitter.  As I am writing this he has over 300,000.  Jay Leno has been on for over six months with about 30,000 followers.  Why?  People who like “Jay Walking” are retarded, they can barely turn on TV.  Conan should start a new type of show on UStream (or where he integrates product into the show and website, sort of like Jimmy Fallon with Bud Light Beer Pong but bigger.  He could get the same audience he had on TV pretty quick I bet, plus he gets 100% of the advertising revenue from a focused, tech savvy audience.  If I was selling Axe body spray or smart phones it would be the first thing I put my product into.

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