Good spend vs. bad spend

There is an interesting article in the Atlantic about the unsustainable spending by our Federal government.  They make the point that current levels of spending which I think everyone can agree with.  The decision then has to be made as to where spending should be cut.  Most people argue that Social Security is the first thing that needs to be reined in.  I would argue that it should be the last.

Why?  Because those are dollars that go directly back into the economy the quickest creating job growth in fields like health care and businesses like shuffle board courts, Buick dealerships and delis in Florida.  It is not like middle class senior citizens put their SS check into a high yield stock portfolio.  Where should the spending cuts come from?  Ending tax cuts for the wealthiest 3-5% of the population and spending on propping up foreign governments and aid packages for irreparable foreign countries.  The US economy desperately needs jobs whether they be manufacturing, technology, etc. one way to do it is to get more money into the system.  Cutting Social Security will have the opposite impact.

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