The iPad changes things…but what?

I am actually posting this from the iPad WordPress app to share some initial thoughts after spending most of the weekend “playing”.  First, I think this is the first convergence device that lives up to the hype that the internet has promised for 15+ years now. When people speak of convergence of TV and the web they usually refer to a 50″ HD TV streaming video. However, if you look at where the web has evolved in the last three years it is more about experiences that you share via a network like Facebook, yelp!, twitter, tumblr, your blog,etc. with embedded video or a link to another site.  Quick thoughts updated often.  The video experience on the iPad is a revolution.  The Netflix app provides a perfect streaming experience.  It is also meant for sharing, for example if you are looking for real estate you can share pics of the homes available very easily simply by passing it around.

In short it is the best way to consume web content.  Is this counter to where the web is going where we are all “content creators”?  I say no.  How many of us are really creating compelling content for a large audience….not many.  That is what brands are for these days….everything cool has a brand behind it in some way, shape or form.  Sit back, relax and consume whether on the couch, a plane or the coffee shop…that is why the iPad wins.

iPad changes what my kids will call a “book”

What is a “book”?  What will we call a “book” next year?  What will children who have yet learned to read or picked up a “book” call a “book”?  These examples from Penguin for the iPad show the endless possibilities when touch technology works well with a screen with awesome resolution.  Kids love to touch things and interact.  Since the keynote launch in late January people have been debating will it or won’t it be a success?  The first thing I said after I saw the demonstrations was that it is going to be huge for kids, especially as the price inevitably creeps down.  Think about the endless possibilities for learning and entertainment.  Analysts are projecting Apple to sell between 1M to 5M units the first year….I bet it will be a lot more.