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Fries! The Movie

In Fries! The Movie, Malcolm Gladwell and Chrissy Teigen join an international cast of characters celebrating their love of fries through reverence and humor, told through intimate and real discussions with historians, connoisseurs, chefs, and obsessives all over the world.

The film takes the audience on a journey around the world – from the origin of the potato in Peru, through the humble yet highly contested early history of the fry in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In a world full of strife and distrust, a modern era where truths and lies intermingle in ways making them nearly impossible to sort, and in the best of times or the worst of times there was, and always will be, one thing we can all agree on…it’s easy to find comfort in a fry.

Official selection Tribeca Film Festival and HotDocs.
Winner – Sonoma International Film Festival Audience Award: Best Documentary.
Stream on Peacock (subscription required)


The voice of the conservation minded hunter in the legacy of Teddy Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold has largely been drowned out by the gun lobby who pushed their “us vs. them” agenda through the media positioning the outdoorsman as a gun nut version of Elmer Fudd. 

Today more than 30 million Americans continue this tradition, exploring our vast wildernesses hunting and fishing with their families and friends spending billions of dollars on their on their pursuits. 

The team at Zero Point Zero recognized that this  historically underserved audience and genre lacked programming that didn’t underestimate the viewer/listener and sought to develop original content in the space.

Through a joint venture with best-selling author Steven Rinella we created the dominant media brand in the outdoor  industry...MeatEater.

Over 100 episodes of the series have been produced for the Sportsman Channel and Netflix along with a top 10 podcast.

The business grew to a level that it was acquired by the Chernin Group in 2019 with a $60M investment. 

The Mind of a Chef

The series a bold re-invention of the travel cooking show.  Far from standard table-fare, the series consistently and fearlessly breaks down the barriers between a chef and their creative process.  Along the way, it dares to make connections between food, nature, science, music, art, history, and anything else a chef can stir up.

This is not your usual stand-and-stir show. We’re exploring the creative process, the anatomy of a style of cooking. Not just what inspired this dish, but where did it come from, what are they thinking about, what’s intriguing to them. How did we get here? From early on, we’ve been looking at food as part of a long and very interesting story.
Anthony Bourdain
Season four premiere party September 16, 2015 in New York City

Wasted! The Story of Food Waste

In 2016, The Rockefeller Foundation launched YieldWise, a $130 million initiative, with the goal of demonstrating how the world can halve food loss by 2030, one of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Premiering at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival to critical and audience praise, Wasted! became a best selling documentary on iTunes later in the year, generating over 2 billion earned media impressions and bringing the topic of food waste to millions of dinner table conversations around the country. 

Extensions around the IP include a curriculum focused on food waste in partnership with the James Beard Foundation. 

Stars in the Sky

Click to stream on Netflix

STARS IN THE SKY: A Hunting Story is an examination of the lives and minds of hunters in America that opens the door to an honest exploration of the controversies, emotions, and traditions that are inherent to this most primal human activity. It is not a one-sided story.

Directed by acclaimed writer Steven Rinella and framed around a rugged hunt in the Alaskan wilderness, STARS IN THE SKY explores the experiences and belief systems of modern day hunters in America. These individuals are reflections of ourselves, connected by their love of nature, an intimate experience of gathering food, and the familial ties that come from a tradition passed from generation to generation. Throughout the film, a group of experts weigh in on the history, sociology, ethics, and contradictions of hunting. It is a fresh and unexpected look at a discipline that grows increasingly controversial every year.

STARS IN THE SKY is held to ambitions as lofty as the title: to be the most impactful and definitive piece of hunting content ever created. By bridging the gap between hunters and non-hunters to help us better understand the heart of a hunter, this feature length documentary will, among other things, help us better understand ourselves and our complex relationship with the wild. As with any good story, it is about who we are, and how we ended up at this very moment in time.



Volpi Foods sought to position the brand as the foremost authority in the fast growing fermented food space by partnering on the creation of the first documentary film focused on fermentation. 

In the feature-length documentary author and chef Edward Lee goes on a journey to understand how the ancient process of fermentation is used in modern cuisine both at home and abroad. The culinary world has labeled fermentation as the hottest food trend at the moment, and this film stands as point of entry into the deep dark world of beautiful rot, and what it means to humankind.

The film debuted at the Seattle International Film Festival in May of 2017 to sold out screenings.

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